The Challenge of Growing Beef Like Brainless Watermelons

Growing the meat of beef cattle without a whole cow; a meat growing mechanism without stomachs, flatulence, without a brain or legs, sitting on a warehouse shelf somewhere and fed with artificial nutrients might be a project that bio-scientists might investigate to develop and replace the present global warming gas, cattle raised for slaughter technosystem that badly affects the planetary ecosphere because of the vast numbers of cattle.

The growing product would have no head, no nervous system or anything not required for direct support of growing the meat. It would be meat minimalism shaped perhaps as a large New York steak five foot in diameter and two feet thick. It would have no genetic engineering or pesticide contact. It would be an all-natural food.

Manufacturing beef in a way that would be comparable to growing watermelons would free up the acreage exploited for cattle grazing and stop the CO2 from those multiple stomachs and a-holes. New businesses such as The Mindless Meat Company could sprout.

Meeting the meat challenge should be within the capacity of science and technology.





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