Whose Got those Russian Plans to Invade Germany?

Russia has always had plans to invade Germany. They have twice invaded Germany (to help start the First World War (Germany was planning to invade Russia and the Tsar rather clumsily decided to try to nip it in the bud) and to help end the Second). Each invasion required general planning.

The Soviet Union had plans to invade Germany for World War Three, yet that opportunity fizzled out when the Soviet Union ended. Fortunately Russia’s military inherited the plans to invade Germany and they probably exist in some computer software someplace in Moscow. Complete planning routes, personnel, equipment, deployment of rocket forces and so forth upgraded with continuous real-time input. It would be a great battle that would require a lot of sophisticated programming writing to command and control troop and weapons deployments as well as to keep track of opposition forces. I think that sort of stuff is de rigueur for modern nations concerned with the invade or be invaded scenarios that exist in select historical environments including those of the present.

In my opinion Russia has no interest in war on its western front. They would prefer good trade relations and have been a little rebuffed by the civilian sectors more so than tradition foreign military-industrial elements. Some civilians have found it to their advantage to regard Russia as the new evil empire to replace the vanished Soviet Evil Empire. maybe former Soviet possessions have some real estate value to them.

Russia isn’t especially wicked for keeping good planning software- there are a lot of moving parts and variables with a nice assortment of constants for any possible modern conflict. Simply consider placement of those beautiful little 22 kilogram tactical nuclear bombs that special soldiers can carry around; if one has a few hundred of them where would be the best places to send them, and how would they go? Would reservations or alternate, green transportation be needed to get them to the show on time?

Modern freight and package delivery systems require vast networks of real time planning to command and control deliveries of packages in a timely way. Military deliveries of weapons packages require a similar structure and that important sort of planning can not be put off until the war starts- Pre-invasion gaming is required ad nauseum even if the plans are never fielded.

Everyone-even gamers, have invasion plans…

The United States has largely born the cost of post-Second world war containment of communism, terrorism and genocide itself as the primary force. It is of course had allies now and then that have shared the sacrifice. The U.S.A. has no colonies, and seeks none- it is a trading kind of commercial nation that many people hate for its success. Keeping some military forces abroad-such as at Okinawa and Japan, was necessary for a number of reason- and has helped stabilize Asia for some decades after MacArthur’s direction of reconstructing the Japanese political economy concluded. It may be true that the United States- that drew down so many forces from Germany after the cold war, should relocate some of the remaining forces in Germany to Afghanistan to keep the area free from terrorist training for some time until the culture has evolved to one with a more egalitarian democratic characteristic.

If there were no plans or interests of foreign peoples to war on their neighbors or whomever, to invade or occupy etc. The United States could have few troops anywhere beyond its borders and save some money with the military industrial complex evolving into other commercial ventures and production. If the world required no policemen it would be a better place than it is now, Unfortunately the dangers of modern terrorism and desires of some forces to rule the world, impose their own economic or moral authority over others with force has not ended. In fact, there is rumored to be racial disharmony in some places, though the U.N. is a bunch of nice guys.





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