Jehovah and Allah

The Bible has several references to names of God. Jehovah in particular is an evolution or product of a medieval Latin translation of JHVH- YHVH- Yahweh-consonants that were used to refer to the unspoken name of God, or Adonai, back in the day when it was thought wrong to actually say aloud the name of God. The medieval Latin word for JHVH was “Iehouah”.  English had a great vowel shift, yet that probably isn’t relevant, one discerns the upgrade to Jehovah. 

If you remember the Northern Kingdom had the term Elohim for God. The suffix ‘him’ is a plural term. That was just the way those people referred to God when a single God amongst a pagan society with many gods was novel. The Encyclopedia Britannica relates that the Arabic word Allah probably originated with the Hebrew term for God el. Allah probably is from the Arabic al-Ilāh meaning ‘the god’ in the singular from the Hebrew word for God el. So the answer would be for the question of does Allah and Jehovah refer to the same God is perhaps best said that God is not an object, though the intention is the same.





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