The Fully Automatic Peace Deal for Afghanistan

Afghanistan is fortunate enough to have an automatic, self-igniting peace deal built in that does not require anyone to sign. If the Taliban stops hostilities against its own people, the government and Americans in that country peace automatically breaks out. No one needs to sign anything.

The United States should be prepared to back up the lawful Government the remainder of this century if need be. It could be our new Germany with permanent garrisons established in country to defrappe general war, terror, werewolf return and so forth.

The Taliban want to rule Afghanistan through terror on their own people. Not all Muslim Afghan citizens or others want a Taliban theocracy to decree what should be. The Taliban would need to accept Democracy as the lawful form of government and just go back to the plough, madrass and mosque to busy themselves while people choose for-themselves how to run their own life.

Of course the Taliban should be against censorship as authoritarian government like to impose as they declare opposition political speech to be ‘hate speech’.  The Taliban party would be one party in Afghanistan yet Democracy would be firmly established and extremism of any sort that would destroy democracy would not be allowed. Neither theocratic or communist governments, royal or authoritarian would be permitted.

The United States should keep troops in secure forts for a century in order to prevent the area from simply becoming a vast, extremist theocracy that support terrorism on the west. Democracy isn’t so bad until extremists take over and corrupt moral foundations and censor free speech. Rectification then need occur is a society is lucky enough to be free to work that.





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