What Ancient Giants?

I think people continue to manufacture new myth content, mostly with good intentions, regarding ancient giants.


I think many ancient myths had a basis in fact. Before common literacy way back in the day of oral story transmission a lot of detail was lost. So if some smaller group of homo sapiens met and fought a larger group of humans; perhaps a head taller, they were fighting ‘giants’. Pegasus might have had a similar origin; a Saudi Arabian or Iraqi white race horse that could ‘fly’ in comparison to the plodding though strong European horses. 

The contact and interaction of humans with pure bred neanderthals continued until 30-40,00 b.c. Some of them may have been larger boned, and some hybrids a little taller than smaller people. Partial hybrids that were more robust and taller than pure humans could be the giants referenced (they interbred) Modern Europeans still have 2 or 3 percent Neanderthal genes. It is easy to see in some political leaders.

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