Google Investigation by State AG’s Like USA vs Microsoft in 1998?

Google is being investigated by 50 state attorney generals for monopolistic practices. Google is too popular and its success has reinforced its wealth and market position in searches. Google it is a synonym for internet search.

Microsoft was sued by the U.S. Government and found responsible in 2000. An appeals court overturned the verdict. Eventually a settlement was reached. The main problem was the packaging of windows with internet explorer and the difficulty computer producers had in detaching them and using other products.

Google has been sued a lot by various governments and has paid out billions and billions. Fifty states A.G.s are investigating Google, perhaps with mixed motives in possibly filing suit, since Internet sales compete with local brick and mortar sales in states. States have started taxing Internet sales- even from out of state purchasers sending a gift to someone in a state.

Alternative operating systems to windows are slowly spring up though windows continues to be the world number one in sales if not friendliness. Users tend to feel like renters rather than owners because of the way the software is written. Google isn’t like that, though taking down Google plus killed the business sites of lots of people that had invested in building their site up, without providing an easy continuity migration on a downsized location without all of the empty space.

Google is a leftist leaning political entity concerning politics although it is not leftist financially. It is challenging to say what remedies might be made to bring Google into a more competitive position regarding advertising. Google maps have changed the way humanity views the world- literally. Maybe Google could spin off some of its search functions and ties to open source, commercial-free operating Linux systems in order to render search functions available through non-commercial portals. That would be quite a substantial change for-itself.





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