Degradation of Ecosphere Didn’t Start With Amazon Fires

 I think many people actually don’t know what an ecosphere is. I have learned that for many first worlders comfort is more important than abstract thought about world environment. It is unwise to overestimate popular intellect content. There are probably three transcendent opinions regarding the state of the ecosphere of Earth; it is in decline, it is allright, it is improving.  Ppolitically one may do something restorative, do nothing, or do something wrong.

Another factor is population. Humans usually degrade ecosphere reducing its extent in area and biodiversity-quality and quantity. For example, one burns down Amazon forests to grow one particular crop for the market, for example. That is a reduction in ecospheric quality with the loss of hundreds of thousands of species for a handful of species. Sterile urban growth reduces ecospheric area and health for obvious reasons. Technology to reverse ecosphere decline includes whatever might be invented or applied innovatively.

 I have considering building artificial mountain ranges as an idea for humans to live inside in order not to displace ecosphere-yet of course that would change it too. There was a federal law about wetlands such that there was to be no net loss of wetlands. That worked kind of to prevent wetland loss. A no net loss of surface ecosphere or biota law would stimulate innovation yet might be too challenging and radical for those that actually develop real estate.





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