Plan Ahead; Schedule State of Union Speech at Alt Venue

It might not be too early for the President to plan for and locate an alternative venue for the State of the Union speech. Last time Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had an intifada-tantrum and banned the speech for some time. If an alternative hall had an option for use the speech might have gone ahead on the scheduled date at the alternative venue with a coalition of the willing of Representatives and Senators not minions of Spkr Pelosi in attendance.

It seems improbable that in an election year House Democrats would not weaponize the State of the Union and ban it making demands that the President do such and such, roll over etc. before he will be allowed to darken the door of the House. If the Speaker uses the State of the Union speech for a negotiating and political humiliation tool while censoring the President again, President Trump should have a plan B for the House of Representatives.

Not everyone is loyal to the U.S.A. or its laws, constitution or history. Neither do they honor the sacrifices of those that gave their lives for national defense. After all, they are simply dead, and the living can eat, drink and be merry with clever things to say about the symbols of the nation. Malcom X was given an exemption to the W.W. II draft because he told the recruiter that he just wanted to be in the Army so he could kill white people; he might have been telling the truth. It is an old topic-many have grievances about the nation and American history and would destroy it if they could, or make it something entirely else, or seek remedies that preclude loyalty to the U.S.A. presently or even expressions of loyalty if they actually were to try to bring about rectification of social reality with constitutional ideals.





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