Is Repression of Bling a Hate Crime?

When Odell Beckham wore a $350,000 watch during an NFL football game last Sunday he experienced mild social chastisement for wearing the costly bling. It was said that select expressions of bling violate NFL rules. One must ask, since bling has been associated with African Americans who want to show their wealth, if NFL anti-bling rules are racist levers savagely designed to keep free-expression down? Should anti-bling rules be considered hate crimes?

Pro athletes with hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank or in investments may feel a need to make their wealth obvious to the public. Pro football stars contribute greatly to the advancement of society and lift tens of thousands of homeless people out of poverty in Los Angeles.

Bling should not be repressed in the NFL. If I were a pro football star I too might feel the temptation to wear a watch three times greater in expense than that of Odell Beckham (or a $25 dollar Casio from Wal-Mart). Timing is very helpful in sports and football plays. A watch that is a smartphone can provide instant intelligence from a Universe of analysts with detail able to provide an edge over the competition with cheap or no (lol) watches worth even $100,000.





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