Nexus of Food, Energy, Water and Oil Terrorism

Recent attacks with drones and explosives on various oil targets show the easy vulnerability of oil supplies to terrorists from the air. Drones will only become more efficient predators on oil facilities as economic war takes practical dive-bombing turns toward oil-rich enemies. That is good news for alternate fuels and energy forms that become more efficient and desirable when oil goes up in price because of scarcity.

So there is a very good side to the increase in oil costs to producers and consumers that is a silver lining in the dark cloud of oil smoke and fires.

Iran knows President Trump isn’t really competent on matters of war- he is a peace monger. Hence they launched weapons from Iran itself on Saudi apparently. I guess its up to Democrats to send the next Ronald Reagan to put the Iranians back in their bottle (lol).

Plainly Wall Street views the food, water and energy Nexus differently than communists that consider it in turn differently than environmentalists. The simplistic models for maximizing food production inclusive of factors such as labor, consumers, producers, land area, flow and fund resources etc. do not calculate that the minimalist approach to ecospheric integrity will probably crash the whole ecosphere in which the Nexus itself is an invasive, displacive antagonist when it becomes the sole paradigm for world resource.

While any Nexus can be subject to market forces, and while any system can be made more efficient, synergetic and better adapted to an environment, fossil fuels are plainly bad and should be replaced by electric or hydrogen vehicles as soon as possible. People are too slow to change when all the leadership is poor. The Democrat Party is a catalyst for the worst style of capitalism in the present Demographic and ecospheric circumstance; they are more interested in promoting themselves within the capitalist equation than in changing it toward truly sustainable environmental economics.

Though the terrorists hitting Saudi oil production had no environmental good intention motives (probably), the interrupt on oil production that drove up prices does at least provide a boost toward solar energy sales as well as interest in hydrogen fuel cell manufacture and in theory, superconductors.





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