Taliban Leadership Apparently Ordered Blow-Up of Another Hospital

The Trump administration was correct in letting the negotiations with the Taliban perish in the circular file of politics; the Afghan lunacy party of terror on fellow citizens of Afghanistan is not one that can be morally supported by anyone besides plain fascists.

Negotiations with the Taliban mean nothing more than allowing homicidal lunatics to rule by degrees. That is a policy that is indefensibly wrong, for the Taliban is nothing besides evil.


The lunatics of the kill-Afghan citizens party until they can have power party is fundamentally crazy and it would be crazy for the U.S. Government to enable such a wicked organization to have any opportunity to take a foothold in government.

If the Taliban lunacy has cadre that wants to be in legitimate politics they need only vote, stand for office and participate in the existing democratic establishment. The democracy of Afghanistan is what the U.S. should support. The idea that the people of Afghanistan should be terrified into supporting the Taliban takeover goals might play better for leftist gun confiscation advocates in the United States than among the ordinary people of Afghanistan.

Sure the United States has some reprehensible political developments that render western democracy dubious to the heretical Muslim fanatics too daft to understand the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ. Instead of allowing homosexuals to create their own bound pair or group entanglements that are equivalent before law to the laws of heterosexual pair bonding, the Supreme Court made corrupted marriage and undermined families and international relations with heretical Muslims lunatics. The High Court forced its diseased cape of doom over the nation like a cloud of pestilence and death. Tolerance of idiots in political positions like the Supreme Court is one of the down sides of democracy, yet apparently citizens of a nation aren’t accountable before God for all of the morally wicked choices of political leaders. Hence if the Taliban participated in government in the democratic establishment of Afghanistan they would not be morally responsible for vast public debt piled up by the central government if its administrators were daft enough to do so.

A fundamental principle of democracy is individual self-determination. That is required for maximum economic and spiritual development of individuals and concatenated, a society. Oppressive despotic governments are against that. Even in a democracy and a judiciary there are individuals that fail to comprehend that principle. They try to force there will and way on everyone instead of discovering avenues to allow people to pursue their own interests without forcing everyone else into submission to an onerous law.

A transnational cultural issue reinforces misunderstanding of politics not uncommonly in comparisons of one society with another. Without depth in anthropology, sociology and history of two different societies and their pace of development over centuries, in addition to evolutionary adaptations to environment and technology or tool-kits of two cultures as well as general world history,understanding with a little wisdom of why women have a certain culture in one country and not another, doesn’t occur. At the least, without similar political economies women are unlikely to be able to afford the ways of another more prosperous society.

Taliban leaders should be smart enough to recognize that a fascist cadre of idiotic and heretical goons that blow up fellow citizens and convalescents are a bad choice for leadership of a nation.





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