American Evolution to Socialism-Corporatism

There probably is a usual evolution to socialism in a society that fails to have a moderate democracy with more or less egalitarianism in distribution of wealth. As wealth becomes concentrated and government heeds the will of the most rich a state of semi-corporatism prevails. Benefits and pensions are cut to the workers, corporations invest overseas with cheaper labor costs and the masses in a formerly democratic and egalitarian society become pacified with bread and circuses, debauchery and scandal. 

Eventually the degraded and new proletarian-plebeians with formerly external proletariats invading to join the work force and keep wages low for the masses as concentrated wealth increase seek social benefits through government to replace the lost pensions and solid wages of a formerly well-off working and middle class. The insider 1% class strip jobs of meaningful benefits and use unemployment as a lever such that its better to have a job than not (true) to keep benefits and wages minimal. Hence socialism arises with socialist leaders joining with corporatists at the apex of government.

Individualism is repressed along with creativity. Socialist leaders raise taxes upon concentrated wealth and corporations to replace the tax cuts given by overly exuberant corporatist leaders in previous eras. Corporatist leaders become aware of the planetary trend toward socialism and corporatism and use the leverage of unemployment or inflation to increase their power and break up and 1% sentiment. The ecosphere declines in health in the meanwhile.





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