Can Young Climate Strikers Find Politicians Willing to Spend Trillions on ‘Action’?

My take on the day of youth strikes to demand remedies for global warming is that the young people require that some politicians be found willing to spend trillions of dollars right away on Rube Goldberg schemes, fatuous and promising, that won’t work very well. Are any such politicians in Congress or running for the White House?

Plainly President Trump doesn’t understand ecosphere issues very well and ignores them. Yet the private sector in part does and is working to remedy them-in part. Obviously there is no invisible and of capitalism with a brain seeking to solve global warming problems. It might instead seek to profit from selling bottled oxygen and air conditioning as being more valuable, so government need pass regulatory laws that direct the private sector to solve global warming and habitat degradation problems along with biodiversity decline problems.

Good regulations and reform of the way capitalism values work can be done without increasing costs to the government at all; and that is important because if the economy and dollar collapse solidly it will be worse digging out of that hole that the one in the 2008 financial crash.

A Green New Deal flop adding trillions to public debt would not only crash employment and perhaps substantial capital, it could collapse the dollar. It does present great opportunity costs to the taxpayers in that once they invest in a bad plan they won’t be able to spend on something that works should it arise.

Young protestors, strikers and future rioters might want to care about the U.S. public debt too, for they will inherit that as well with the present near trillion-dollar annual interest payments to those that own the debt.

High school parking lots are full of student’s cars these days. In my time kids rode school buses generally. Are students protesting their high school parking lots and their parent’s cars too? Cars are the largest source of greenhouse gases in the U.S.A. Engineering is required for remedies to global warming- systems engineering. It is easier to eliminate single point sources of greenhouse gases than millions of point sources that are automobiles. A power plant that powers hundreds of thousands of electric cars is easier to clean up than millions of smaller point sources that are fossil fuel cars, for example.

Eliminating fossil fuel powered cars would require no vast government expenses on the charge card. The U.S. government could cut all taxes on electric cars and recharging. Power plants that produce zero emissions for global warming would be given no taxes either. Just the rich would pay 5% more in taxes to help with the global warming problem. The government could also place no taxes on high speed trains that travel more than 300 m.p.h.

The primary problem that might be solved is for parties to actually find and run intelligent and well informed candidates and that is unlikely to happen in the lifetimes of young protesters. They might want to think about forming an American Intelligent Politicians Party and select candidates that are educated in environmental economics, military defense, science, theology and business.





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