More F’ing About in US-Ukraine Politics

If President Trump asked a foreign leader for help investigating a criminal matter in a foreign nation what is wrong with that? Maybe the F.B.I. should establish a field office in Ukraine since politicians have so much business there. If the Clintons, Bidens etc conduct foreign business and political deals doesn’t the President of the United States have a right to be well informed about that? Does the public need relatives of Presidents, Vice-Presidents and former officials using their connections to extract money and opportunities from foreign governments or foreign contractors? Does Joe’s son have everything lined up in the Ukraine for his Dad should he be elected in 2020? Will the bank accounts fill?

President Trump had a few of his political friends and advisers investigated by Obama appointees for business in the Ukraine. It seems completely fine to inquire in to the role of former Vice President’s Joe Biden’s son had in possible pile on carpet bagging Ukraine ops. Where else to start than to ask his peer leader to look into the matter- it is realistically possible that democrat party connivances through intermediaries with foreign agencies and business people are actively at work against U.S. interests.

The entire matter of Democrats substituting horse puckey for solid politics since the Obama administration is very tiresome. Solid political work would be more welcome. Maybe they could think about how to pay down the public debt directly to keep confidence in the dollar, or should that be solely a Republican duty?

The Ukraine political history with the USA the last ten years is such a crock of bull that foreign leaders must be laughing about the way Democrats and Republicans have replaced rational political concerns with affairs involving that nation. Perhaps as a bunch of former communists, sons of Nazi sympathizers and leftists with loose morals and plenty of dope, promiscuity and radioactive power plants the Democrats feel right at home with Ukraine. The United States still exists too though- it’s on another hemisphere.

It is possible the Democrats will not ransack congressional procedures or hogtie future Presidents by making President indictable while in office. For short term profit they are gutting rational policies that have long existed. Yet there are more Ukraine issues and scandals that glow in the f’ing dark to concern themselves with.

I don’t recall Presidents or their relatives being involved loud and large with foreign powers for business to a level that it became part of the ordinary news cycle and elections. The Clintons and the Clinton foundation are the first people to my knowledge that basically also started the practice.

G.W. Bush (II) wasn’t known for that. Neither were Reagan, Obama, Nixon, Ford, Kennedy or Johnson. President Carter had a relative named Billy who made and sold a beer in Georgia I believe it was, yet Atlanta is nothing like the bloody Ukraine where globalism seems to attract the worst of the Democrat Party like flies.





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