Che Guava, AOC and Racism ‘gainst Blondeness (pro-impeachers)

Does Rep. Cortez’ rabid desire to impeach President Trump have an element of racism to it? Does she as a Puerto Rican Hispanic raised during an era when a negro was President of the U.S.A. hate the blond hair of President Trump?

It may be that blue-eyed blondes are the preferred presidential candidates of many voters- even a majority, when substantive quality issues are not part of any candidate’s platform. There is no question that President Clinton’s blue eyed dirt-blonde (or was it red-blonde) was very attractive to women and homosexuals (probably). They were fanatics about that President.

Hillary Clinton was also a blue-eyed blonde and the last democrat Presidential candidate. She may have lost because of pneumonia- an old man’s friend disease, that made her seem overly crotchety. Democrat candidates seem bent toward sucking up the homosexual vote-with names like Bi or Butch, orButt being as viable as the condition of blondeness. It is also useful to have a name like that of the most famous communist of the western hemisphere in the Democrat Party. It is surprising that someone named Che Guava hasn’t run.

Instead of deciding to corrupt marriage as the Supreme Court did as if they were a bunch of drunks to accomplish the New England-Harvard-M.I.T. overly queer-friendly agenda of reducing population (along with abortion and birth control) or helping China to have enough sex partners in a society with too few women with mass homosexuality, it would be better to create an institution for homos that want legal entanglement, and to let hetero marriages be recognized just once. Second marriages make the establishment a farce. Creating a queer hegemony in society is just wrong and unhealthy; there are other remedies the cognoscenti apparently haven’t thought of.

If people can’t remarry they probably, as secular sinners, will sleep around and few guys will be skunked. On the other hand, if second and etc marriages are allowed, people should be required to marry those unmarried first, and people married just once if none of the first category are available. Then the rich or handsome wouldn’t get all of the babes leaving ugly soldiers and revolutionary incels to make trouble.

If women get pregnant over the age of eighteen biological parents would always have financial responsibility to provide financially for progeny. That would simplify the idea of divorce and payments to support kids from failed marriages or motivations to remarry for cash etc.
Public debt can be increased more with Democrats than Republicans, so in the absence of competent political ideas regarding political economy and reform, a blond on blond campaign seems likely, and that will further disgruntle A.O.C. who might like someone like the Obama protege’ Sect. Castro to win the nomination- purely for non racist motives of course.





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