Congress is Trying to Wrest Foreign Policy Privacy from the President

The President conducts foreign policy, The Senate and House have oversight and may investigate certain foreign policy activities of the President, and of course controls most of the finance, yet it is the President’s authority to make executive agreements with foreign leaders and to speak with foreign leaders without Congressional informants listening in. Unless the President was overheard agreeing to felony crimes with a foreign executive or anyone else, the Congress should keep a respectful distance from Executive branch foreign policy activities.

President Trump has the right to negotiate with foreign leaders or two chat with them about whatever they prefer without weasels from the Democrat party listening for something to squeal about to the broadcast media and the puerile sinners of the Democrat party. Democrats should get a life as they saying goes, and get some good regulatory legislation passed that would benefit the ecosphere of the nation and pay down the public debt. (It is easier to eliminate single point sources of greenhouse gases than millions of point sources that are automobiles. A power plant that powers hundreds of thousands of electric cars is easier to clean up than millions of smaller point sources that are fossil fuel cars, for example.

Eliminating fossil fuel powered cars would require no vast government expenses on the charge card. The U.S. government could cut all taxes on electric cars and recharging. Power plants that produce zero emissions for global warming would be given no taxes either. Just the rich would pay 5% more in taxes to help with the global warming problem. The government could also place no taxes on high speed trains that travel more than 300 m.p.h.).

The President can tighten the screws on foreign miscreants and recipients of US taxpayer dollars whatever way he likes short of waterboarding, electroshock and other heinous interrogation methods that no Army veteran would approve of. Maybe the President should have a special envoy minder from the Congress named Tiny Tim to monitor his calls to foreign leaders. If the President were to say anything really stupid it isn’t unlikely that foreign intelligence agencies taping the call would leak it themselves.





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