I Review the Impossible Whopper

When I went into a local Burger king to investigate the Impossible Whopper- a meat free cheeseburger, I thought I would pay $4 for a sandwich to determine if it was any good. The sticker price was actually six dollars. I just don’t like to pay more than $2 for any sort of cheeseburger so I was a little taken aback. So I payed for the item and sat down to wait.

It was barely past breakfast time so I waited about ten minutes for the Impossible Whopper to appear. It was delivered in a bag with green highlights differentiating it from regular bags for whoppers made of beef and whatever filler goes into them. Impossible Whoppers have a soy base.

The first thing I noticed before I went outside to ride a bike, was the smell. The Impossible Whopper when hot has an unbeef-like smell, however slight, of hot decayed vegetables. It is a minor inconvenience. I tossed the bag in a rucksack and rode off.

Some minutes later I arrived at a desk, took the Impossible Whopper out of the bag and ate it. It was good. I wouldn’t have noticed any difference with a meat based Whopper I think. It had the usual tomato, lettuce and some knd of white sauce. The entire presentation itself was very good reminding me of Arctic Circle burgers in the old days when they were kind of sloppy, wet and delicious.

Would I buy another Impossible Whopper- sure- when the price drops to $3 more or less. A good point for the Impossible Whopper is that because it isn’t made of meat, if a bad fast food worker put a piece of turd in it-it would stand out. A cook at a fast food worker in town was arrested for doing that a few years ago. Little pieces of turd in a meat burger sort of blend in more. It is kind of funny actually. I had a sandwich with a Catholic priest at that store before it was destroyed for a Walgreens.

So I researched the meat in the I.W. and found the vegetable patties are for sale in Southern California stores and soon everywhere. They cost $4 dollars per patty- and that is why Burger King charges $6. Another company produced a similar product for slightly less per patty and already is available at Safeway and several other stores. It is called Beyond Meat. That product has had some good reviews although it too costs a few dollars per patty.

I won’t give any of these products an ok sign, for that symbol 👌 is now officially recognized as hate speech.

For the time being Impossible Whopper like products are for the yuppie and Starbucks sort of people that would spend $5 dollars on a cup of coffee, whip creme and substitute milk plus sugar or whatever…goop.





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