Full Jackass Mode vs. Rogue Elephant Attorney General

Speaker Pelosi is concerned about the Attorney General. He has”‘gone rogue”.


Speaker Pelosi provides watermelons for her constituents in Congress when they need them. The segue from 2016 Russian collusion to 2020 election Ukraine influence soliciting required finesse and a watermelon patch of juicy new accusations including the remark that the Attorney General has gone rogue (elephant). The leftist media loves that sort of remark as does her constituents who have ‘sworn to protect’ the constitution from rogues, deplorables and criminal investigations in the Ukraine of crimes that may have been committed by top level democrats or their close relatives.

The Nadler impeachment lunacy is full jackass Democrat partisan politics; there is no mistake bout that. I suspect the process will not grow any sweet Bush-baby watermelons to harvest in December.





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