Transportation Systems Design and Chaos

Chaotic systems are perceived. Studies found that initially chaotic systems tend toward self-organization for various reasons, and I would think that one reason (not in the wiki article) is the underlying, pervasive four forces of nature (weak, strong, electromagnetic and gravity) that effect everything. All mass has order from strings or quarks up and occur in definite ways. Large steady state systems may disorder and as one said, die, yet that disorder occurs in an ordered context for a larger system containing the micro-disorder. Change and time along thermodynamic lines are organized destruction of previous positions. Hilbert space point configurations evolving with time require that what went before no longer exists. The new configurations are made from the chaotic end of the prior.

I quite agree that local conditions of chaos and coincidence should be used when opportune for providing efficient use of resources. Transportation is a good example. Local topography and climate circumstance could enable select transportation modes that would not be practical elsewhere, however mass systems design in transportation infrastructure that relies upon power over efficiency such as fossil fuel vehicles and asphalt/concrete highways, not only harm the ecosphere they preclude local adaptations to clean energy and present substantial opportunity costs.

Inefficient food production with ecospheric externalities (such as growing cattle or slash and burn farming) are historical legacies that were not done for any sort of malevolent reasons (as would poisoning people). In the 1920s there was a fellow that marketed a new beverage in a bottle to the tennis playing east coast upper crust. It was  named Radithor and used the newly discovered radioactive materials. An article in scientific American described the incident. The producer thought it was good for people, and of course it wasn’t. An autopsy showed that the business guy was a rare individual with bones that could absorb a lot of radiation without much harm. Victims liked the warm glow they got from the drink (before their hair fell out). The problem with cattle is the Co2 gas externality and destruction of wild habitat, not meat eating. Protein has always been mostly good for human consumption-especially in the Arctic regions. Fish even promotes brain growth apparently. 





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