Dishonest Joe Should Drop Out

It might be time for Presidential candidate Joe Biden to drop out of the 2020 race. After his son Hunter Biden made a trip to Beijing with Vice-President Dad in 2014 Hunter’s Ukrainian business was given a billion and a half dollar contract from the Chinese.

Democrats are struggling to find a quality candidate like a nugget in a sluice where nothing but crap exists to flow toward the 2020 convention. The top three include Dishonest Joe, Bernie (Hugo Chavez) Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Joe Biden’s claim that he new nothing about his son’s business seems like bull since the photo of his son’s Ukrainian business partner playing golf with the Son and Dad was released. Former Vice-President Joe seems to have used his office to get a big family pay-off for being Vice-President (just one Chinese payoff per family) and that stinks up the entire Democrat primary race unfortunately. Seemingly Dishonest Joe should bite the bullet and enjoy all the money he as in the bank already.





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