F-35 Stealth Fighters May Need Soundtrack Support to Spoof Radar

There are reports that a German radar manufacturer spotted and tracked two F-35 stealth jets about a 100 miles. The radar found the jets by silhoetteing them against commercial radio broadcast waves. That leads one to wonder if it may not be necessary to produce a new generations of small drone decoys and drones with radio broadcast capability themselves to spoof advanced radars using commercial radio to triangulate stealth fighters.


With airborne, mobile stealth drone radio broadcast it should be possible to radically increase airwave complexity that would provide bounce signatures of advanced radar locators. I suggest that metal music be broadcast along with readings of science fiction and philosophy by speech synthesizers. Stealth jets may themselves want to broadcast their own soundtracks or rebroadcast radiowaves they block- even if the music is bad or it contains Democrat party fake news.

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