Orwellianism of Democrat Party’s Sedulous Machinations Moves Forward

Democrat Party have worked their own agenda since the election of President Trump. That party has moved the nation as far toward a seditious version of for-itself politics as it can. The most recent act was to make it a crime in New York City to say the phrase ‘illegal alien’ or to call ICE to report an illegal alien. Along with ‘Sanctuary Cities’ from federal laws concerning illegal aliens the Democrat party has removed as many obstructions to one party rule in Congress as they can thereby enabling a very divided nation. Do Americans really want the Democrat Party to dictate what language they can use without criminal penalties?


When governments in the United States ignore U.S. law and proclaim their own in opposition to it, that is the road to sedition. Several governments including that of New York City have taken the separate path to prefer foreign citizens- illegal aliens, over American citizens and legal processes. Proclaiming it illegal to call an illegal alien and illegal alien is like unto southern governments of the ante-bellum south proclaiming it illegal to call a slave a slave, or a criminal a criminal. San Francisco has eliminated the term ‘felon’ in preference for a phrase about a citizen involved in the corrections system, and Democrats have followed up their hate crimes legislation with hate speech Orwellianist penalties in regard to language and free speech.

In the run up to the civil war the Old South made their own laws regarding the right to capture fugitive slaves in free states and return them to the plantation of the south. Just like old time Democrats,  contemporary Democrats travel the road to sedition with their preference for illegal aliens over U.S. citizens and in forcing their way in opposition to U.S. law. The wealthy Democrats that force such measures disregard entirely the situation of poor Americans that cannot get good jobs, job security or benefits because Democrats undercut wage negotiations with cheap illegal labor. Speaker Pelosi with her California wine plantation probably needs to have illegal aliens to tend her grapes. She may be entirely unwilling to have wages rise high enough to make agriculture labor a desirable, good job with good pay.

International players have observed the Democrat Party’s rejection of the 2016 democratic election of the President and are well aware that the 2020 impeachment proceeding is a follow up to the failure of the effort by the Democrat Party to overturn the result of the 2016 election. The Democrat Party has a mono-sedulous vision of the nation wherein all would be forced to comply with Democrat Party speech lexicon content, have politically correct though and godless, immoral conduct satisfying to communist party paradigmata.





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