Congress Should Create Independent Office of Impeachment and Legal Tanglefoot Litigation

When the United States was attacked on September 11, 2001 the Intelligence Agencies were discoordinated and not sharing intelligence that might have stopped the hijackers. In a similar way all of the Democrat Party efforts to reverse the 2016 election results and Republican defense efforts to stop that are discoordinated, ad hoc responses to perennial legal speculations seeking weak spots in executive Branch armor. Already an upgrade has been made to attack the 2020 election before it occurs. When the Obama team and the F.B.I. began their pre-2016 election reversal insurance policy it was an uncoordinated and ultimately unconvincing effort. Plainly coordination in offense and defense to reverse election results and impeach candidates need be coordinated through a central clear-house. An office for perennial litigation would make that new normal formal.

Therefore the Congress should authorize a new Office of Perennial Lawsuits for Members of Another Political Party. Like Homeland security the OPLMAPP would share intelligence and expedite accusations and investigations with more transparency since it would have bi-partisan membership with the head being the same Inspector General that now investigates the Attorney General, Secretary of State, President of the United States and others. The OPLMAPP would map out brackets for law suits and help them advance through various rounds toward the semi-final and final party y party battle to delete the President or not.

The Democrat Party has been able to legally ransack the President’s personal lawyer before, and presently has commenced actions against Rudy Giuliani Esq.; the President’s personal attorney, so Attorney Giuliani has lawyered up. Fundamentally Democrat Party efforts have sought to implicate anyone in the Executive branch with frivolous yet tangle-footing lawsuits, who might have participated in a legal and now public phone call between the U.S. and Ukrainian Presidents. Because of the complexity of promulgated lawsuits interactively, and because of the challenging interrelationships and capacity of the congress to subpoena Executive branch materials that require defense too- and that make great fodder for Democrat party partisan mass media, the entire load of bull need be coordinated through OPLMAPP brackets and permanent lawyer-warriors for each party advancing and defending the suits with ongoing public transparency.

It could be that the creation of the OPLMAPP so the public can follow all of the bull from Congress, will need to wait until after Republicans take control of the U.S. House of Representatives and the President is re-elected; the Democrat Party likes the present scatter-gun approach to blasting away at the meat of the President and may thus be unwilling to create a charged, neutral office t work on perennial impeachment efforts while the Congress itself tries to get some work for the public in.





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