Two Genders; Not More or Less

People that believe there are no genders just don’t think very well. Basic sexual gender differentiation is exceedingly simple- There are just two and versions of incomplete or unhealthy growth unfortunately. The anomalies are a small fraction of the normal healthy population paradigm. Some vegetarians that have radical anti-meat opinions haven’t ever starved and are clueless about how hard it can be to get a chunk of protein in some ecosystems or why one needs weapons or traps to do so.

Genders are simple, and reproduction isn’t that complex. With poor intellectual skills people may have less applied intellect than animals that have no trouble comprehending genders. Supposedly former Vice President Biden became known for smelling the opposite gender.I suppose one could produce and sell a body spray named ‘gender’ with a zillion varieties. Behavior is different than anatomy and biology. Language too may mean anything, or be encoded to permutate to different meanings in some kind of logical progression. So gender today could mean illegal alien tomorrow, or could before N.Y.C. banned that word and put a $250,000 fine on the phrase for using it maliciously.





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