Corrupt Democrats and Terrorists Should Be Investigated by Chinese Ministry of State Security

There is nothing wrong in asking foreign governments to help investigate corrupt Democrat politicians and terrorists. Democrat Party politicians should not feel free to organize crime, shakedowns of foreign businesses and governments or to exploit White House connections to solicit billions of dollars of foreign investments in private businesses. Terrorists and corrupt Democrats should not feel they have sanctuary nations overseas where they can plot crimes against elected U.S. Government officials nor scheme to manipulate elections with the help of foreign governments such as Ukraine that is apparently a hotbleb of illusions used for broadcast media propaganda to influence U.S. elections.

President Trump would be wrong to disregard the contributions Interpol and the Chinese Ministry for State Security may be able to contribute to enfilade corrupt Democrat party personnel that have pressured China unreasonably to buy influence via purchases of shares in special Democrat Party foreign ventures with foreign partners. One should not expect the F.B.I. to act like the C.I.A. overseas nor vice versa. The C.I.A. probably should not spend their time investigating corrupt Democrats wreaking havoc abroad.  Foreign governments should be the ones to investigate corrupt and other crimes perpetrated within their borders by Democrat Party member Americans.

As China slowly evolves toward free enterprise with certain capital ownership caps it is important to keep it free from corrupt Democrat party shakedowns that corrupt free enterprise and capitalization in sustainable technology. In fact it might be a good idea for the Chinese to ask President Trump to move to more sustainable economic policy as part of the current trade negotiations. Foreign help in moving toward bi-laterally positive economic policy for a sustainable human world ecosystem is as positive as picking the fleas off international business.





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