Rep. Shifty Knew of Whistler a Month Ago

Rep. Adam ‘Shifty’ Shiff knew about the whistle-blower and the paradigm a month ago. That information gave the democrat a month to properly maneuver an impeachment edge, and explains why the Speaker was ready to move to impeachment inquiry even before the Ukraine phone call content was made public. It seemed that Democrats were overly confident that the whistler would have the proper goods on President Trump; when it turned out that the call was a meatless bread sandwich Democrats had little choice besides defending and accelerating all of the weapons they had ready and set into motion.

Representative Shifty was actually the guy that directed the whistle-blower to contact the I.G. via a helper. The entire matter seems improper use of secret materials by the Democrat party in an effort to advance their 2020 election prospects by weakening the President in the media that usually are not his fans.





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