Those Concerned with Human Predation as a ‘Pack’

Predators are often individuals i.m.o. It is a pejorative term of course. A few prey upon the many. For example a few lions prey upon hundreds or thousands of ungulates. 

Some wonder why it is ethical to slaughter animals for food yet its not o.k. to torture domesticated animals (pets). Dogs are humanity’s first domesticated breed and it is bad form to torture one cutting off a leg or whatever. Torture is wrong in any case. In ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ a philosopher living on a hill looking down on a town regarded everyone as sheep following along without being awakened- it is an old theme. Nietzsche had syphilis and it affected his worldview over time. Average people work and follow along without thinking about what an ideal society would be or how to build one, much less test out their theoretical work. Government is an improvement over anarchy. Civil order brings civil education and the knowledge of concatenated generations.

All animals consume food- that thermodynamic need is probably what original sin is really about. Adam and Eve were cast down into temporality, birth and death, the need to labor etc instead of being something like pure spirit. When Jesus gave his body and blood symbolically at the last supper, he apparently was aware of the fallen criterion of mortal being in a Universe. Through accepting his sacrificial atonement one is reconciled unto Spirit. Many want to stay mired in the original sin paradigm though, or don’t recognize it.





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