Democrats Say ‘Yes MASA’ to President Trump

Democrats searching for a clever way to expropriate MAGA have innovated or recycled the old name by which slaves called their masters; Masa. Democrats apparently with no sense of U.S. history believe the acronym for Make America Smart Again-MASA, is new and fresh. Actually though it is an appropriate slave term for idiots that believe that when President Obama made the Bush II tax cuts permanent when all he needed to do was to let them expire and then negotiate with Republicans from a position of strength with tax cuts for the most poor and then working up to the middle class (excluding the most rich). Being stupid is smart in the collective political memory of Democrats.

All of the inane democrat politics of the Obama and Clinton eras are regarded as smart no in the rosie glow of the past. On environmental reform Democrats then did far too little, and the total of that would not have stopped mass extinction of species and decline of habitat. What is required for that is a complete transformation to ecological economic policy and honestly the Democrat Party is clueless on what that is or how it would work.

Flooding the nation with illegal aliens in order to have cheap labor and keep the poor and their wages down is not smart policy at all and actually is harmful to environmental conservation and making the electorate better educated. The Democrat Party is working as best it can to make Americans soocial vassals of quasi-imperialism in the nation.

Someone should add up the total new federal debt  Candidate Elizabeth Warren’s programs would bring if made into law-really, it isn’t smart.





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