Federal Discrimination Against Aged Working Poor on E.I.C.

The working poor that are between ages 65 and 70 are denied the federal earned income tax credit that is given to people 64 and under. The cap on E.I.C. is $15,700, and if the elderly are not receiving social security in addition to pay for work there is no just cause to exclude them from E.I.C. payments they would receive if they were 64. Sleeping on sidewalks doesn’t become suddenly softer at 65.

If those older than 65 who are the working poor have dependent children they may qualify for an E.I.C.

There are some Americans and U.S. residents that do not qualify for social security and need to work beyond age 65. I met a Korean living in Anchorage that had no benefits and lived in a cold van. If he could have found work, the E.I.C. would have been helpful too.

There are also elderly Americans that do not qualify for Medicare. That is another story, and a reason why the V.A. should have been expanded and networked with homeless and community clinics to directly treat poor legal residents and citizens for free, instead of the middle class bureaucrat milieu of Obamacare.

* I suppose this fascinating point might lead some to wonder if Boris Johnson would be eligible to run for President of the United States in 6 years if he were to become a United States citizen again. I don’t know what the answer is to that. Boris was a U.S. citizen by birth then renounced the citizenship a few years ago. If someone who got rid of their citizenship takes it back up are they then a renewed natural citizen or just a naturalized citizen ineligible for the Presidency?

Besides Lindsey Graham and Mike Pence, Republicans may need to start lining up candidates for the 2024 election.





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