Mitt Romney Should Lighten Up on President Trump

Senator Mitt Romney occasionally throws dirt on President Trump. President Trump replies; it’s not unusual or difficult to understand. What motivates Senator Romney to attack the President and give aid and comfort to President Trump’s political enemies?

The former Governor of Massachusetts, who vacated that state some time after his Presidential campaign loss, is something of a Boston elitist. He finds natural synergy with those New England elites with Harvard associations that run a little blue-blooded. A moderate Republican, he was elected Governor of that leftist state, because he wasn’t a Christian and was thus tolerable for the godless atheists that fill the state.

Even so Mitt Romney was a one-term Governor. He brought the forerunner of Obamacare to the state and that was the limit of his interest to the people of Massachusetts. Romney-care was essentially President Nixon’s health care plan that Nixon set forward to counter the Democrat’s desire for Universal health care like that of England.

George Romney, the father of Mitt Romney, was a Governor of Michigan. He lost in the Republican primaries in the 1968 campaign to President Nixon. Perhaps Mitt took an idea from the winner of the 68 election as a model for Romney-care.

In the 2016 Presidential election, as in 2012, President Obama’s real birthplace became an issue. Donald Trump was publicly of the opinion that Barrack Obama was really born in Indonesia where he grew up and lived until age 7 instead of Hawaii. It was very possible to get a doctor to sign off on a birth certificate a little cooked in that era and records of international travel no longer exist for when Barrack’s mother actually arrived and left the U.S.A. Donald Trump had valid points yet drew the wrath of those that don’t care to recognize U.S. boundaries and birth as meaningful compared to just anyone. George Romney, like Senator Ted Cruz, was not born in the U.S.A. and wasn’t really eligible to serve as President of the United States. That is another point of hate that Mitt Romney has against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, like a good Mormon that he isn’t, doesn’t consume booze. Mitt Romney as a Harvard M.B.A. has the school’s natural hate of plebeian billionaires (lol) like Donald Trump that cannot help acting like a populist. The Harvard elites joined with Hillary in 2016 and a Harvard paper actually offered “an exit strategy for Trump voters”. Mitt Romney is a Boston-Harvard blue blood kind of elitist with a sense of entitlement who merely needed to move to take up residence in Utah to run for and be elected to the U.S. Senate. I would guess he is part of the ‘deep state’ crowd that are so well off that party affiliations are not as important as belonging to the right clubs, or at least being a Harvard alumni.

There is no question in my opinion that Mitt Romney would have been a better President than Barrack Obama. He simply isn’t anything like a populist though and is far too left and a put-your-dog-in-a-cage-on-top-of-the-car kind of guy for red-meat voters. Voters tend to want a have the dog ride in the passenger seat President, even if one can get flesh eating bacteria from a dog licking a face.

In the United States corporatism is evolving and uniting with socialism to pacify the masses of Democrats. The way it is going five percent of the people will own 95% of everything and the people will effectively rent houses they believe they are buying for thirty years. Democrat candidates are so ignorant and bottom of the barrel and devoid of intelligent political thought about how to benefit the masses including the poor with effective legislation that they can do nothing besides offer pie-in-the-sky multi-trillion dollar plans that will fortunately never become law and would add trillions to public debt besides being ineffective if they did.

Good politicians should talk about good practical legislation that doesn’t cost anything and just directs economic infrastructure to transition toward an ecologically sustainable footing. It isn’t too difficult yet requires intelligence lacking from Democrats. When Democrats are elected President they do nothing to egalitarianise the concentration of wealth so capital is built by everyone in better proportion nor to preserve individual free enterprise and expression from the encroachment and control of concentrated wealth and corporate power. While Democrat Rube Goldberg plans fail the politicians themselves become mutli-millionaires and the election cycle goes on.

President Trump is good for business and ordinary people and is a populist. Though he lacks environmental sensibility, in practical measure so do the Democrats. They wish to greatly increase public debt with vast government plans and economic disruptions that won’t accomplish much besides redistributing more wealth to Democrat Party donors that are contractors.

If Senator Romney really wanted to be helpful to the general public he would try to educate the public watching the political circus about ecological economic methods and how to value environmental resource services. Actually they may all be quantified and analyzed. President Trump is pretty good at business, though its not really Harvard reciprocating elite business, and he could perhaps, perhaps not, benefit from Senator Romney working for just the public benefit and not against the President occasionally. Senator Romney should remember that much of the country doesn’t appreciate the godless democrat way of working politics divisively. A good politician should get things done for all of the masses without turning them against one another. The way of the Democrat party since the late Senator Edward Kennedy became fairly loony (probably in the 1980 primary run against President Carter) has been division and trying to force everyone to live the way they want, and to extirpate opposition. That policy of destroying middle class independence and independent thought isn’t antipathetic to the will of the most rich to have a spineless dopey mass society totally controlled by the will of the 1%, and that isn’t good for the nation or world generally, because they aren’t that smart.





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