Married Priests, Priesthood of Believers and Practical Adjustments

Pope Francis has opened up a dialogue for ending the celibate priesthood, that is, priests in that denomination would be allowed to marry as they were permitted until a millennium ago. In my opinion married priests would radically reduce Catholic priest’s pederasty. Single priests in a time when life was shorter were able to be more militant and work missions like a soldier to a certain extent in taking the gospel around the world. In an era when television and the internet is saturated with sex and mostly naked female photos (like Linda Carter’s wet t-short picture on sports news pages as an ad the past two months), and a large percent of people remain unmarried without a bad opinion about out of wedlock sex, celibate living is more challenging. It may have outlived most of its usefulness for the priesthood. *-quote;”It was not until ecumenical meetings of the Catholic Church at the First and Second Lateran councils in 1123 and 1139 that priests were explicitly forbidden from marrying”-endquote

On female leadership I would say that the leadership should lead to a priesthood of believers church format where most people share leadership roles in small groups yet get together for a sing-a-long. Maybe men could have the main 7 minuted sermon for themselves and so technically leadership remains male. That would be like an opera where women don’t usually sing bass nor men soprano. Other than that women would share the rotation of speaking roles in the service, although there should be beginner, intermediate and elder ranks based on attendance history as an adult. Quality theologians could prepare standard liturgical content for people to use in groups of 8 or twelve people. When all people are confessing Christians hypocrisy is reduced. When going to church means more than sitting on a chair and watching one knows that one might actually be missed if one did not attend to participate each week, When all Christians finally act like priests (humble ones) all Christians will be missionaries too.

A real priesthood of believers church structure could be more supportive of Christians. It could have Christians job banks and savings for emergencies banks that are nationally networked (with a cap on how much could be saved and use requiring some peer group approval). A semi-monastic network of guest quarters for Christian travelers could be constructed across the nation for all Christians to use that have good attendance records at the Priesthood of Believers affiliated churches across the nation.





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