China Should Get Rid of N.B.A. and Hong Kong

China may be better off without the N.B.A. or Hong Kong. The N.B.A. promotes a lot of goons to multi-millionaire status instead of scientists and inventors, and that creates wrong social values. Compare the service-value to humanity of a scientist inventing an internal food deodorant that when consumed would change the smell of bowl movements to that of roses versus that of putting a ball in a hoop like Fido. The latter has less social value than a dog retrieving a tennis ball, for the dog may be a watchdog sentry too.

A Communist society may prefer such egalitarianism that intellectual work is devalued and repressed or exploited by meat-heads with money and power, yet the people are the real losers when ignorance prevails. Hong Kong is an entrepot for excellence in enterprise and intervention that would bring far ore social advance and prosperity for China as a free mini-state than as a vassal dominated by ham-fisted communist party rulers.

Good sense is rare in politics. China is probably no exception.

Chinese leadership shouldn’t be upset about free speech nor work to repress it. In the United States censorship is accomplished in a similar way as the Chinese method used to retaliate against the N.B.A. for something a Houston Rockets manager said in support of Hong Kong protesters; they hit the wallet or buy up and close down offensive venues of expression-even with degraded search engine listings.

Democrats are looking to a former special education teacher for leadership to help explain issues to them. If only the leadership understood the issues that might work.





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