Repair Century-Old ‘Let the Kurds Bite It’ Mistake

President Trump should have created a Kurdish state in part of Northern Syria to settle Kurdish allies with security. While the President may believe he is exercising statecraft in acting in harmony with Turkey to offset Turkey’s turn toward Russia, it was wrong to leave the Kurds in what looks like a kill zone. Turkey has lots of weapons the U.S. sold them to eradicate Kurds in their way.

The Kurdish problem originated at the end of the First World War when the allies reneged on a promise to create a Kurdish state in the breakup of the Ottoman Empire. President Trump is putting Kurds unnecessarily in harm’s way in giving the inheritors of the Ottoman Empire a solid chance to occupy part of Syria 

What good Turkey can do in policing Northern Syria is questionable since Syria hasn’t attacked Turkey nor intended to. While the United States may save some money in removing military forces from the region, there weren’t many as it were and the axiom of penny wise, pound foolish appears to be the right description for a policy that fails to security Kurdish security.

Mosul is the natural capital of a Kurdish state and Northern Syria and the S.E. corner of Turkey should be part of the Kurdish state. It would be useful to solve the problem of Kurds needing to fight for their own land by having the allies correct their century-old error. Turkey would be compensated by being granted twice the amount of land in Syria that they conceded to form part of the new Kurdish state, as would Iraq.

President Trump is all business all the time yet in the present situation he should exercise statecraft that actually works. Northern Syria is a good field training area for elements of the U.S. military that can learn useful intelligence regarding operations in the area. Ignorance and ostrichism isn’t generally the best policy. Some may ask if the Trump policy supports the need for impeachment.

It is of course good to discover ways to avoid conflict along with the expense of spending munitions and life and that vector could probably be advanced by settling Kurds into a Kurdish state. It is true that Syria would lose a little ground yet that may be the least bad option available.

Map from the C.I.A. Fact Book





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