Should Pres Trump Be Impeached for F’ing Over Kurdish Allies?

President Trump’s Kurd policy regarding Turky reminds one of major General Rosecrans misunderestimating the situation of the line at the Battle of Chickamauga. Rosecrans thought there was a gap in the line so he misdirected troops to go fill it creating a gap through which General Longstreet broke through with eight brigades. Throwing the Kurds to the mercies of the Turkish military armed with U.S. weapons will make some move toward support for impeachment of the President.

President Trump could have used the opportune time to negotiate creation of a Kurdish state instead of letting Turks move ahead to slaughter Kurds. President Trump in pursuit of just money may have no heart in that monetary mercenary brain. Kurds have fought well as allies more than twenty years and it was wrong to abandon them cold.





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