Trump’s Turks Eyeball Kurds With Armenian Genocide in Mind?

Treacherous policy changes done with no public debate and carried out like a burglary make one wonder if the President is having his strings pulled by foreign puppeteers. President Trump may have essential airhead blonde syndrome with  inflated, narcissistic self-opinion of his I.Q. and intelligence.  It doesn’t seem alright to cut the throat of good Kurdish allies and move on as if nothing happened.

In pursuing his own family economic interests and land holdings overseas he threw American Kurdish allies to imperial wolves. He should donate Mar a Lago to charity to show his contempt for land-owning that he finds a fault with the Kurds since they actual want a homeland to live upon. Turks shelled U.S. special forces in their rush to bump off Kurds. Hopefully it won’t become another Armenian style genocide.

Short-sighted an reversible policy like abandoning the Kurds may be of financial value to the President, yet it is harmful to American interests. Imagine what U.S. Middle east policy would have been if the Kurds hadn’t aligned their interests with those of the United States. The President cannot be so ignorant of the history of Germany and Turkey/Ottoman Empire as to want the Turks to swell back into those spaces.

It is unfortunate that the U.S.A. has presidential leadership choices between corrupt, decadent evil party cadre at war on half of the people of the United States through other means,  seeking to flood it with illegal aliens, and a golden blonde narcissist. Hair color doesn’t make one instance of a human brighter than another.

The bottom of the barrel defaults to lead because intelligent folks may not want the responsibility for 21 trillion dollars of public debt. 





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