No Whistle Blowers on the Trump-Putin Call About Syria, Kurds and Turks?

President Trump may have walked a tightrope in switching off support for Kurds, Syrian Christians and Alawi of Syria deftly last week. Americans were alarmed about the abandonment of the Kurds that appeared to occur overnight.

It may be that Russia’s entry into the Syrian ground game in a substantial way may offset Turkish aggression and defeat efforts from various players to make Syria a Sunni kingdom. A vast Sunni kingdom stretching from Africa to Europe would need to crush quite a few bodies to establish and undermine the security of Israel and others.

I have no idea what interest Russia has in Syria. Siberia and the North Shore is probably a much better place aesthetically.

Since Russia is no longer a Trotskyite communist nation aspiring to take over the world it might not be a bad thing to have Russia providing Syrian security at their expense instead of other foreign powers. The Shi’a have a problem with the Sunni now and then, and a secure somewhat neutral multi-religious Syria may  not be a bad thing at all concerning the suppression of sparks of sectarian conflict.

President Trump did not secure a lasting homeland for the Kurds in the region, yet the Syrians and Russians may provide part of one in exchange for the support of Kurds as Sunni themselves to defend against various Sunni elements that would like to destroy the Syrian government and establish a Sunni Syria. If the Kurds become victimized in mass then President Trump should assume responsibility in part and relocate those that care to move, to the U.S.A.

One must wonder what secret diplomacy occurred through unknown channels between Russia and President Putin. Apparently the Democrats hadn’t any whistle-blowers listening in to the call.





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