Determinism and Free Will aren’t Exclusive

Free will and determinism, or pre-determinism exist in different paradigms that aren’t mutually exclusive in actualization. That is there are theological and cosmological paradigms as well as the practical actualization of will.

  One may plainly think and then act upon the thought on a practical level. One has a few degrees of freedom of motion to act, and some freedom to think (if the boom box isn’t too loud and you are trying to make some complex calculation), few degrees of freedom to move if bound and gagged.   If God is omniscient then he knows everything in every possible Universe and configuration, so in that sense it is necessarily pre-determined for God, and the will of people though free is pre-determined or determinate and not free to be other than what it must be.  

Tegmark’s Level 4 or 5 Universe has a different paradigm; every universe that possibly can exist does, and each though any individual has switches his consciousness to the static universe corresponding to the thought he has. The physical Universe don’t change in their dimensional configuration, it is the thought that changes corresponding to the right space-time coordinates in each possible Universe. That is the past, present and future of every Universe already exists.

That is something to think about with such great complexity in stellar evolution for example. Maybe the complexity problem can be resolved with quantum computers, or since the foundation of Tegmark’s Universe is pure, abstract math (maybe built up like Leibnitz’s monadology or strings). A pure math Universe is closer to being like a Universe of Universes existing within the mind of God.

People already shut down freedom of expression. Corporatism tolerates nothing in conflict with corporate interests preponderantly. The recent China-N.B.A. issue was a case in point; corporatism and communism each repress free speech. The Democrat Party and socialists tend these days to want to force things there way through any means legal or quasi-legal that work. Anyone antipathetic may find a kind of hate speech in any language-perhaps becoming easier with increasing power. Search engine stuff may be downgraded so nobody finds it; or the writer banned from social media platforms, an employee terminated, a web page closed down. Nothing new in the mill town wanting total political control to support its interests. The new thing is that the world is being totalized incidentally through global networking.





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