Greatest A-Hole vs Corrie Booker; 45’s Military Slights

President Trump has seemed to slight military service in recent weeks in preference for what seems an avaristic glorification of the pursuit of money. He sold out the Kurds in Syria recently deriding their military alliance with the U.S.A. as nothing more than trying to get land. President Trump has never been homeless nor experienced starvation and cold or heat together. Neither has he received wounds in combat as many Kurds have done. Land and liberty are important to people and not something that should fail to receive support from an American democracy. The world is replete with ants that will sieg any fuhrer that promises them bread and circuses or reality TV.

The President also slighted former Sect. of Defense Mattis saying he was the world’s most greatly over-rated general. The former SEC DEF replied in a video (see below).

Very few Americans would vote for the reelection of President Trump if there was anyone available besides Democrats.  People regard the President as an a-hole. They also know he will work to keep the economy strong and brag about that as much as he can, and will appoint conservative court justices.

The Democrats are a godless party of sin and sedition reprehensible in seeking to flood the nation with illegal aliens, a history of cutting taxes on the most rich Americans to shed crocodile tears about the low taxes on the rich later. They support abortion and queering up the world. They want to add trillions of dollars of public debt to reduce greenhouse gasses without competence in ecological economics either. 

Their leading candidate Elizabeth Warren is a former special education teacher suitable for teaching dope addled Democrats. The only apparently quality Democrat is Sen Corrie Booker- a Rhodes Scholar like Bill Clinton who is also the former mayor of Newark N.J.

Senator Booker unfortunately is probably a dupe of the Brits- that is the point of awarding Rhodes Scholarships (duping Americans so British interests are enhanced). Booker drank the Kool-aid of the Democrat platform of homosexuality etc, yet also seems to be somewhat racist against white Americans, so he loses middle class formerly mainstream working class support.

Democrats probably should run Booker since they are all bad and he is the least bad. Needless to say, the greatest a-hole is the only electable candidate that wouldn’t damage the country as much as Democrats will. When white people run the bottom of the barrel for the Presidency they should not be reluctant to elect non-whites that are running their best available (not all are doing that in 2020 obviously). 

One cannot have a perfect society. What would it be though? A perfect society would be one that works well to address actual challenges to its well being efficiently. If a democratic electorate could recognize and design remedies very well to problems; if one were to make a list of the ten most important utilitarian threats or challenges to national and international existence or well being today, for example, and the society could solve them and move on instead of bogging down and being spaced out or electing bottom of the barrel candidates for leadership- that would be about as perfect as it gets outside of one led by God directly-for-others.





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