President T’s Search for a Way to Lose Two Wars

President Trump’s sudden withdrawal of U.S. security forces from Syria has the potential to reinvigorate ISIS terrorists in the Middle East. So one wonders if the administration’s efforts to reopen surrender talks with the Taliban will undermine 18 years of U.S. efforts to build a stable, non-belligerent Afghanistan.

The President would like to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan because it isn’t returning a profit one would think. The problems with the U.S. federal debt could be alleviated with good legislation and executive leadership better than with being penny wise and pound foolish from disengagement with foreign security interests in two troublesome locations. When so much effort has been invested by the U.S.A. in building security in two nations against ISIS and the Taliban it is wrong to be finding a way to lose after the main conflicts have been won.

The only thing the United States would get out of talking with the Taliban would be an opportunity to undermine our local allies as occurred in Syria. The United States will need to have troops in Afghanistan as long as it did in Europe following the end of the Second World War, for the radical Muslim forces are as serious about maintaining the status quo against all western culture as the Soviets were in fighting against capitalism.

President Trump should get the United States on to better terms and normalized trade with Russia as soon as possible, yet Afghanistan requires a commitment and focus within certain budget constraints of a century of necessary rather than a few more months. Instead of looking at it as a continuing war it should be regarded as troop deployment in a friendly country we are defending against terrorists that hate Democracy. While some member of the Democrat Party seeking to impeach the President may be Russian assets, I am not certain what that means since Russia is something like a Plutocracy these days with 60% of the wealth being held by 1% of the citizens (in the U.S.A. it is just 40% held by 1% of the people).

The President in his drive to help concentrate U.S. wealth has a lot of minion support from both parties. His tendency to throw friends into the fire to make up for the low tax rate the rich pay in order to save money is disturbing, almost equally to that of the content of  Democrat Party kool-aid. While President Trump is a danger to the environment’s health, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats are a danger to the U.S.A. and human morality. One can name their poison in 2020 elections.





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