Democrat Party and Wall Street Russian Assets Too?

When Hillary Clinton mentioned a couple of Democrat politicians and a Democrat Presidential candidates as Russian assets one immediately thought of the problem of communist infiltrators in government. Since the Soviet era the U.S. government has had the problem of Russian spies and assets. If Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation had not themselves been beneficiaries of Russian oligarchs the mention of other Democrats as Russian assets might be more convincing. Yet what are Russian assets today in U.S. political personnel?

Probably the Russians cannot be said to be communists. In contemporary Russian 1% of the people control 60% of the nation’s wealth. In the United States the ratio is 1% of the people controlling/owning 40% of the nation’s wealth. The inference is that Russian assets are likely serving political plutocrats globally. Giving tax cuts to the most rich is what a Russian asset would work for today. Wall Street could be regarded as a Russian asset.

 Very likely the latest Clinton b.s. about Russian assets is like the Democrat Party b.s. about Donald Trump as a Russian asset. He is simply a business guy without ecospheric conscientious regard or enough concern about Kurdish well being.

The most rich Americans should be taxed at a 75% percent rate to break up pay down public debt and to prevent concentration of wealth to plutocracy level. Government spending should be capped at some percentage of the U.S. g.n.p. except in time of declared war. Reason should replace rash spending as the principal for informing government policy. Perhaps most of the Democrat party are Russian assets and a few Republicans too.





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