Did God Create ‘Freedom’ Too?

I.M.O. people don’t often consider God philosophically very well. They compare God to worldly concepts and language rather than God for-himself and God-for-others. Freedom is a worldly concept. What could constrain God? How could he be not-free? I think the term is not too relevant applied to God. As far as Christianity goes, people that are antipathetic to faith tend not to consider the original sin criteria at all well, nor the necessity of God’s intervention to liberate souls from original sin spiritually through the Son. 

Even so, consider God as a self-standing, self-originating being, or one that always was even before the existence of temporal Universes. Consider for a moment one being that is infinitely wise and omniscient- that is a lot to consider. So he is perfect and has a divine economy of perfection. How to bring in less than perfect beings into existence, when omniscience and omnipotence may be requisite for perfection?





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