The Orangutan and the Lynching

The Democrats have never stopped hating on Donald Trump. It is no wonder that hey feels the impeachment is a political lynching.

Comparisons between saying one is a victim of a <political> lynching is hardly the same sort of thing as saying ‘lynch the n’s’ as Democrat haters of the president seem to be claiming. one Democrat Congressman said that the President is now plainly like the KKK (because of the President’s tweet). Rep. Shiff’s impeachment committee meets behind closed doors like a secret KKK meeting.

Democrat organs don’t comprehend analogy. They of course never use analogy or simile themselves, sometimes providing smarmy lectures as if Americans were immigrants clueless about the history of the south after the civil war.

Modern Democrats have worked to expropriate language use and basically make it impossible to express dissent. Even the President needs to hush, though it was o.k. to say anything wicked about the President including his hair (color) reminding them of an orangutan or giant Cheeto.

Because most of the media have gone along with the hate interpretation of President Trump it is an onerous task to verify the b.s. level of each new claim about the President. One wonders how Democrats have time for getting any public work done with so much of their time spent attacking 45.





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