-poem- Imperfect Wonders

So many Universes before the beginning
of time and space compiled in mind
thoughts with structures given like
forms of being and time
dimensions nowhere

compiled into layers before and after
points and ideas strung together
where imperfect beings woven from soil
toil to ever without levers
they were free to be and become

something like won and next
texts grown green brought to naught
never ending shares with signs of rhymes
taut three sheets to the wind
union of savings the imperfect
contingent tries to rise

from the fractured point of view
waves to the shrewd shapes
stars setting
Universes that were
smashed to dark infinite points
tightly wound up in gravity

So there the imperfect wonders
about the perfect representative
who offered his own life
for others

wasn’t it simply the Earth
with its waterfalls and wonders
where time would stand still
future worlds beyond 
nothingness and nil.





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