Secret KKK-Style Dem Impeachment Comm Gets Mueller’s Grand Jury Files

Another Obama appointee judge made an order in favor of impeach-o-crats that will help them move forward cherry-picking information to release to the media from their secret impeachment committee. The Department of Justice must turn over the Grand Jury transcripts from the Mueller investigation of President Trump. Usually Grand Jury transcripts are kept secret unless needed in a criminal trial.

The impeachment committee seems to be on another fishing expedition looking for something to stoke up the recall fire with. Plenty of smoke should appear from the committee with the Grand Jury transcripts that can provide ample data for juicy leaks.

The main problem with the fishing expedition is that House Republicans have been kept out to a certain extent and the impeachment committee is meeting behind closed doors. The public has a right to know what material is being considered for evidence to support impeachment. Since the Democrats would not keep any secrets unless it made their side look unfavorable the entire Grand Jury transcripts should be released to the public so the voters can consider the matter for themselves.

The Secret Impeachment-Recall Committee should allow the media and the nation in so the appearance of a Democrat KKK-style impeachment would go away.

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