On Secular Objections and Exceptions to Abortion

A doctor mentioned to me once that some mammals auto-abort when there is over-population. People are more like animals than most care to admit concerning behavior. Deontic moral selections are valid enough for those that have faith, yet the idea that some abortion is rational and others not is valid in the sense of ancient German laws, and those of the pre-Christian era. When people did harm to others it was expected that one could repay the perpetrator in kind with interest. When others victimize others, such as rape, or bashing a skull, seeking remedies to redress the balance to a normative state was the goal. The abortion of progeny of rape was therefore logical. Biologically it prevented rapists from profiting with progeny. Remember in times of war rape was often an opposition force policy-even in the Serbian conflict fairly recently. The incest exception was equally logical because of the awareness of society of the consequences of inbreeding. On purely human grounds i.m.o. abortion is worse than ugly; it is a testament to the evil of mankind with its low regard for others, for life and so forth. Marcus Tullius Cicero’s ‘On Natural Law’ still seems meaningful considering how long ago it was written. People have made a virtue of narcissism and neglect interests of the commons such as the fracturization of the remaining land wilderness. They also have dehumanized unborn human life in order to allow killing it, for the left’s interest in morality today is that of finding comfort at whatever cost. That is the left’s idea of rationality. 


Atheism produces a null-set philosophically. Contemplation about the being of God leads somewhere. An empty mind is easier to achieve than intelligence. Being on the same thought-plane as amoeba is all atheist-hedonist-consumers require. That may be why it is popular in modern society.





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