NSC Colonel-Minder Rats Out President for Political Policy Reasons

The rather disgusting news that an Army Lt Colonel on the National Security council turned into an informant because he disagreed with Presidential policy he heard or learned about in a call to the President of the Ukraine concerning the Bidens is a plain sign that something is wrong in high places in D.C. Maybe the Colonel is a deep state informant-it’s hard to say. 

The military should not be trying to manipulate domestic politics in order to support their own foreign policy agenda. If field grade officers-professional soldiers are corrupting civilian foreign policy efforts at the highest level that is a deep state activity; one that fundamentally disregards U.S. egalitarianism and civil leadership. High ranking military people may be skillful at killing and Mongolian idiots at foreign policy with nothing more than a desire for a great defense budget.

The Colonel felt that it was wrong for the President to ask the Ukrainian President to investigate the role of the Bidens in corruption in the Ukraine. The Colonel felt that somehow American policy of bi-partisan support for keeping Ukraine in conflict with Russia would be endangered so it was his duty to rat out the President for having a different policy interest- though it was speculative and derivative in the Colonel’s mind-interpretation of the fallout of the conversation, and that is wrong.

The military cannot be a minder of civilian leadership initiatives in foreign policy. Civilians not the military make foreign policy. I for one have wanted the United States and Russia to have close, amicable relations since the end of the Cold War and actually, before. Russia and Ukraine should have shared a border on the Dniepr River so commerce could have more freely flowed and Russian history given its dignity. 

The military industrial complex may want permanent conflict to keep defense expenses and budget inflated, yet it would be better to address necessary threats rather than to prop up unnecessary ones to threat level on an equal footing.

A Colonel has a right and duty to report illegal orders from the Commander in Chief but not to frag the President politically for his convenience. Loyalty counts too. President Trump should find some opportunity to say in a speech; “Look, this isn’t my first rodeo”, in order to recover from the damage.






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