The P-Zombies of Halloween

The p-zombie paradigm seems silly for-itself. Everyone might be regarded as a philosophical zombie and without implicit physical consciousness with consciousness merely attending a body in a reverse out-of-body experience kind of way. While Christians can regard everyone as spiritually dead unless and until an individual is saved and regenerated spiritually, people tend to take that meaning too literally as if they were legalists of the soul. They cannot be certain at all about the mechanics of that.

I tend to believe the soul is information of consciousness as a life record (envision digital data) and when saved the regeneration in behavior changes given through grace. God may recognize the soul as regenerated. Literal dualism is a water and oil kind of relationship- maybe there is emulsification to engage one with the other, yet that mechanics is really odd. Maybe there is a wide window fan that is also a spiritual council for zombies someplace in thought experiment utopia, I wonder why or what would associate non-physical thought with any physical place in particular. It does seems like an occult paganism sort of Halloween topic.

I could write something about duality of mass energy and spirit problem; probably the topic requires more time than I have to address it, now, yet for Christians faith goes a long way to compensate since the grace of God provides regeneration and whatever knowledge one needs about some issues. I believe mass and energy are contingent being and spirit is primary in the Christian paradigm. Neo-Platonism of Plotinus in his Enneads (54 tractates) explains the relation of the One to the Intelligence and creator of forms of things that are the material world. If spirit is the primary fact of reality (such that for instance, the Universe is a thought in the mind of God and divine relativity makes steady state of matter seem ‘real’) yet worldly people simply recognize matter and energy because it is apparent, then faith in God and the Spirit of God when it occurs (through Jesus Christ) is being born again (especially since it isn’t the same as being born materially in-the-world) because it is a fundamentally different outlook and relationship to the Spirit of God. So I think one avoids the problem of spirit-matter duality as a literal problem since spirit is real (like Platonic realism) and matter-energy contingent). When one enters the kingdom of God spiritually, it is a relationship that is established to God, rather than a place one need travel in the material Universe. Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you.





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