The Von Warren 52 Trillion Dollar Health Care Plan

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for all plan is so expensive that it would cost 2.5 times the existing U.S. Federal debt. The former special education teacher has advanced a 52 trillion dollar program that would require the participation of all.  One must wonder who did her math for her because it doesn’t add up to sobriety.

If the U.S. government was to spend 52 trillion on the space program I could live with that more easily. The Veterans Administration has just a 200 billion dollar budget and it does reasonably well, yet a ludicrously expensive medicare plan that dwarfs present government spending and debt is just about crazy.

Raising the V.A. budget 1000% to 2 trillion and linking new centers that would treat all poor Americans for nothing as well as veterans would be a lot cheaper and more effective, while keeping the existing Medicare program and eliminating Obamacare. A hyper-loop fast train system could be built nationally to link all remote areas to V.A. health centers for poor Americans and veterans, though anyone could ride the trains.  A national worker’s comp style program could verify the financial eligibility of patients for the service- say anyone earning $20,000 or less annually would be eligible.

For a cost of three or four trillion dollars a public health network for treating the poor and a network of ultra-fast electric trains to reduce global warming gases could be constructed and become new normal American infrastructure. Democrat politicians need to stop finding ways to bankrupt the U.S.A. with uncoordinated and hyper-inflated, bureaucrat heavy Rube Goldberg government schemes that don’t work. Elizabeth Warren’s plan will ossify Medical innovation and create a vast Soviet Medicare system of bureaucrats with much work probably outsourced on-line to China and India.





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