How the Theory of Hylozoismo has Been Reduced Over Time from Far Out to Microscopic

I believe that many people don’t regard ‘matter’ in the way it was regarded in the 17th century when some philosopher invented the term or idea that matter is alive. Probably the guy was some kind of liberal that liked Shakespeare over-much. Hollywood might make films like Attack of the Smartest Dirt yet so much is known about molecules now that anything above the molecular level could be fabricated to a certain extent; some day artificial worlds of ‘matter’ might be constructed instantly.

Leibniz had the idea that the smallest particles of ‘matter’ are one-dimensional things he called monads that are made of spirit- like a one-dimensional string, yet that probably isn’t what was meant by the inventor of hilozoismo. He was more like a guy that regarded everything as being alive in some way. Of course the definition of life would then be an issue. Biologically speaking there is a lexicon that iis used to classify life in its various forms that probably won’t soon include minerals or hydrogen atoms.





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