Failed Frivolous Impeachments Should Have a Penalty for Leaders

The Democrat Party has perpetrated a fundamental blunder in conflating a welfare state with socialism, so far as Hayek’s notion goes. Hayek differentiated the two- a democracy with a welfare safety net and socialism-wherein the state runs business such as in Elizabeth Warren’s program to eliminate health insurers and of course the Bernie Sanders agenda.

If Democrats do not speak out loud and clear against socialism the nation will not trust them at the polls. After all, free enterprise is what made America great and keeps it great, so far as Christian moral norms guide it to a relationship with God.

Democracy can have a substantial welfare state with taxation, regulation and incentives. Welfare today ought to include a healthy ecosystem in the U.S.A. rather than one in decline. However democracy need leave businesses free to exist with the market intact. If they want to reduce or change the way business works it need be through incentives and regulations instead of government spending or outlawing various businesses.

Republicans should at least co-opt the 2020 election and propose a 2% tax increase on the wealthiest 5000 Americans to pay down the public debt and also pass a bill to make frivolous impeachment actions have some sort of penalty equivalent to those state with laws against frivolous litigation. Maybe the leaders of failed frivolous lawsuits should be banned from leading congressional committees or holding other high jobs such as Speaker of the House for a decade.





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